Call for Proposals for FG19

With FG 2017 approaching and plans for FG 2018 (Xi’an, China) underway, the steering committee invites proposals for hosting FG 2019.

In keeping with past rotations between the Americas, Europe, and Asia, preference will be given to proposals from Europe. The preferred conference time is May 2019.Other months could be considered.

Please submit proposals to Jeff Cohn with the subject line FG2019. Include the names of the proposed organizers and the location.

In the proposals, please include the following information.

• Organizers: General chairs, program chairs, and other key roles, with specific names where possible, proposed names otherwise.

• The conference location and venue: the city, the specific conference location and facilities, estimated costs of the venue, suggested hotel(s) and their cost(s), and
accessibility for travel and example travel costs.

• Conference plans: plans for the program (technical program, special sessions, invited speakers, reception and banquet, etc.), events beyond the main conference (workshops, tutorials, tours, etc.). What is planned to be similar or different from previous FG conferences?

• Budget: a tentative proposed conference budget. Expected registration fees, IEEE administrative expenses (20% of budget), and a 10% contingency fee for unexpected expenses.

For more detailed guidelines, see Guidelines.pdf

For questions, please email Jeff Cohn.

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