Call for Special Session and Panel Proposals (“Frontiers in FG”)

General Information

The organizers of FG 2017 invite proposals for Special Sessions and Panels to be held during the main conference which will be held from May 30 –June 3, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Proposals may be submitted on any topic that falls into the broader area of face and gesture recognition, modeling and analysis. We particularly encourage proposals that highlight emerging new fields, application domains and challenges related to face and gesture as well as interdisciplinary topics that bring new perspectives to the FG community. Proposers should have a strong record in the proposed field.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals should be submitted to the Special Session and Panel Chairs with the subject field “FG 2017 Proposal: [title of session]”. A proposal must include the following information:

  • The title of the proposed Special Session or Panel.
  • A brief description of the topic, including how it stands apart from the regular FG topics/sessions.
  • Contact information and short bio of the organizers.
  • For a Special Session: a list of proposed contributions to the special session (including authors, title, and short abstract).
  • For a Panel: a list of proposed panelists and their expected perspectives/contributions.Paper preparation and review

Special Session papers will be part of the conference proceedings and will be reviewed along with the regular conference submissions. Papers submitted to a Special Session should describe original work and should follow the general FG submission guidelines.

Important dates

Special Session proposals due: 23 September 2016

  • Special Session proposal notification: 30 September 2016

Special Session papers due: 15 December 2016

Panel proposals due: 15 January 2017

  • Panel proposal notification: 22 January 2017

All proposals should be sent to the FG2017 Special Session & Panel Chairs: Hayley Hung ( and Georgios Tzimiropoulos (

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